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Lioness Lactation Cares is the charitable arm of Lioness Lactation LLC. 
Lioness Lactation is so much more than lactation support. We are deeply rooted in the Black community and invested in serving families of color who cannot afford clinical lactation support. Through our partnership with F&L Organizational Support Services, we offer free support groups and “pay what you can” lactation support by a board-certified lactation consultant, meeting families wherever they are and then supporting them through reaching their lactation goals. We host community giving events such as community baby showers wherein underserved families may obtain free education, tools, and resources to support them on their parenting journey. Some of these resources include free classes, breastfeeding tools like pumps and nursing bras, and menstruation supplies through a partnership with PERIOD. 

Lioness Lactation Cares is also deeply devoted to increasing awareness and access to inclusive education for any breast focused or birth work practitioner who supports people of color. There is a  direct link between lack of diversity in lactation education imagery and the poor outcomes in people of color. From mastitis to dermatitis, common breast conditions present differently on people with deeply pigmented skin. Khan & Mian (2020) note, "the shortfall in representation in medical curricula is an important contributor to racial inequality in health-care experience, treatment, and patient outcomes". Lioness Lactation Cares is creating solutions to close equity gaps. It is in this vein that Lioness Lactation created The Melanated Mammary Atlas.

We understand that human milk is an invaluable asset to combat numerous childhood illnesses, and that our country is not set up to support the marginalized in successfully nursing their young. We are committed to closing disparity gaps in lactation that are rooted in lack of access and support. We are committed to our families and community because we are of the community and anchored by the community.  

To make a charitable donation to Lioness Lactation Cares, please click here . Indicate Lioness Lactation Cares in the notes to direct contributions to our fund. 

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